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As the premiere nanny and babysitting referral agency on the West Coast of  Florida, Our Loving Arms understands the importance of finding only the most qualified staff for your home and family. Read below to see what services we offer and then click on the button to fill out and submit our application to hire family help.

Nanny Placements

A Nanny is a childcare provider who works either full or part-time in your home caring for your children. Most nannies do not provide any housekeeping beyond duties related to the children, such as cleaning and organizing the children’s toys, maintaining bedrooms, children’s laundry and dishes related to feeding the children.

Family Assistants

A Family Assistant provides the same childcare related duties as a Nanny but will also help with most housekeeping tasks, laundry, errands, cooking, transportation, pet care and other duties to help a family’s home run smoothly. These caregivers work both full and part-time hours.

NewBorn Care Specialist

Newborn Care Specialist are individuals, often times nannies, with an exceptional knowledge of infant care, infant growth and development stages, and essential life-saving techniques. They usually work closely with a new mother and infant encouraging bonding, assisting with feedings and allowing mom to get the rest she so desperately needs.

We offer babysitting services for local families, vacationing families, wedding and events, as well as for corporate backup care.

Safety is #1

Background Screening Process:

All candidates are thoroughly vetted to insure you are getting the most secure caregiver for your home and family. Our complete background screening process is run through one of the top employment screening companies in the nation. This process includes researching applicants’ criminal and driving histories as well as social security number verification to insure they are legal to work. Both child abuse and sex abuse registries are reviewed for candidates’ current and past names based on their social security number. All candidates are also required to have CPR and First Aid certification.

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