Resort, Hotel & Vacation Sitter Service

Whether you are staying with a friend, in a hotel or in a rented home/condo, our fully screened, trained and CPR certified sitters come to your location with energy, a bag of toys/crafts and Loving Arms!

Resort, Hotel & Vacation Babysitting Services

When you’re visiting Florida and need professional, caring babysitting in your hotel room or vacation rental, Our Loving Arms can take away the stress typically encountered when trying to secure reliable, in-room sitting services. We are the top agency to receive referrals from the finest hotels’ concierges since 2001, providing hotels and their guests the level of confidence they deserve. All of our in-room sitters have gone through a meticulous screening process and are entrusted to ensure that your little ones are safe and have fun while you’re away. Our sitters bring age-appropriate activities for your children. Many nannies are bi-lingual and/or professional educators.

There is always a 4 hour minimum when hiring a sitter!

Our Fees are as Follows:

Agency Fee:
   Advance Daily Reservation: $30
      Additional fees added to the above reservation fee:
      Reservations with less than 24 hour notice: $25
      Holiday Reservation Fee: $15
      Share Fee: $25 (when two families share one sitter)
Above fees are per date and sitter.
Please see contract for more details on charges and fees related to sitter services.

            **All agency fees are non-refundable**

Sitter Fees:
   $14/hr for the first child,
         $2 more per additional child. 
             Ex: 3 children = $18/hr.

**See contract for Holiday fees. All sitter fees are paid in Cash at the end of each engagement by the family. We can charge this fee to your credit card if you wish.

Tips are appreciated if you feel service warrants!

A 4 hour minimum is required for each Sitter Engagement!
All Sitters are CPR and First Aid Certified

Our sitters undergo a rigorous background investigation including:

  • National Criminal History Search
  • Sex Offender Check
  • Social Security verification
  • Driving History
  • Reference Screening

Our nannies must be at least 20 years old with a minimum of 2 years’ experience and verifiable references. They must successfully complete Our Loving Arms “new caregiver orientation” and attend other training throughout the year, as well as have current CPR and First Aid certification.

It is our pleasure to offer in-room pet care, as well! Our pet care providers are animal lovers and experienced working with a variety of household pet breeds and species – services for in-room pet care can be reserved by following the same procedures as shown below.

Here are a few Resorts and Hotels that refer to our Babysitting Services often:
The Ritz Carlton, Sarasota
Hyatt Regency, Sarasota
Lido Beach Resort, Lido Key
Hotel Indigo, Sarasota
Hyatt Residence Club, Siesta Key
Hilton Garden Inn, Sarasota
Siesta 4 Rent, Sarasota
Holiday Inn, Lido Key
Holiday Inn, Lakewood Ranch
Don Cesar, St Pete Beach
Sirata Beach Resort, St Pete Beach
Pier House 60 Marina Hotel, Clearwater

"We recently vacationed on Siesta Key and found ourselves in new territory - in need of a sitter! We had always taken my mother-in-law but her health would not allow her to travel. I panicked and considered having no date night while on our trip. Our Loving Arms was recommended by our condo company and I called and spoke to Casey - what a relief! She put me right at ease. On the big night Victoria was our sitter - what an angel! They even did crafts! Our Loving Arms went above and beyond any expectation I could have had. I highly recommend them."
Hailey S
Vacation Sitter Service

Reserve your sitter by completing this form.

    Parent 1

  • Parent 2


Your Local Location Information


Dates and Times needed


Room Service


Your Child(ren)


Terms, Conditions and Releases

    Medical Release

  • Our sitters are not trained nurses and will only administer medications that are in their original containers with the exact instructions from a manufacturer or doctor on the label. By typing your name below you agree to hold harmless Our Loving Arms and it's officers and employees from any Liability for any accidents or injuries caused by the acts of a hired sitter while administering allowed medications listed below.
  • Swimming Release

  • Our Loving Arms does not under any circumstances allow the referred sitters to take ANY children into a body of water or fountains. If the family wishes to take full responsibility for any and all accidents which may occur while the sitter is with their children in a water activity, the family must first agree and complete the release below: I do hereby request for a sitter to supervise and/or swim with our children during our scheduled sitter times. I do hereby agree that I will hold harmless Our Loving Arms or any of it’s officers from liability for any actions, injuries, or accidents that may take place by the children or the sitters during any water activities.
  • Permissions

  • Contract Terms

  • The following is a contract entered into by family named above, from hereon in referred to as "family", and Our Loving Arms to find a sitter during their stay in a local hotel/vacation home. The family hereby understands that the referred sitters are not employees, agents or partners of Our Loving Arms as a corporation. Agency Fees: Our Agency reservation fee is a $30 per sitter per date reserved. All reservations with less than a 24 hour notice will be considered Emergency Reservations and will result in an additional $25 Service Fee. All families wishing to share a sitter will be charged a $25 Service Fee. Holiday reservations incur an additional $15 fee. If you have more than 5 children or more than 2 families seeking sitter services, you will need to inquire about our Group Sitter Services. If you require the on-going services of a babysitter more for than 10 hours per week for more than 7 days, please ask about our Temporary Nanny Service. All Agency fees are Non-Refundable and due upon reservation confirmation from agency. In the event that the reserved sitter is unavailable for the dates and hours specified at the last minute due to unforeseen events, Our Loving Arms will do everything in it’s power to find a suitable replacement, it does not guarantee that a replacement will be found and will not refund the reservation fee, but will credit the family for the next visit. OLA will contact the family as quickly as possible to notify the family of the sitters’ name. The sitter will contact the family at the given number to confirm times and directions. Please give a valid number above for the sitter to contact you. If you have not received this information at least 24 hours in advance (for advanced reservations), please contact us as quickly as possible to confirm your sitter. Sitter Fees: There is a four (4) hour minimum for all sitter services. Please be respectful of the sitters’ willingness to travel to your location to provide excellent care for your children. Sitters are paid via Cash at the end of their sitter engagements. Fees are as follows: $14.00 per hour for the first child, $2.00 extra per hour for each additional child. One sitter can only care for up to 5 children from one or more families. A gas fee of $5 will be due if the sitter travels more than 10 miles to your location. If you have the sitter drive your child to an activity, there is a $10 gas fee per day. All parking and toll fees are to be reimbursed to the sitter. If a family books a sitter for more than 6 hours the family is responsible for providing the sitter with a meal. Holiday Pay: New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Easter Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, and Christmas Eve will be charged a rate of $20/hr for the first child and $2.00/hr more per additional child. New Years Eve (after 4pm), Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day are charged a rate of $22/hr for the first child, $2.00/hr more per additional child. Cash Gratuities are Welcome and Appreciated! By typing your name below you hereby authorize Our Loving Arms to charge the credit card given for payment for the above listed fees for the number of hours service was provided. Cancellation policy: All cancellations must be made at least 24 hours prior to start time when the sitter is booked in advance. A minimum of 4 hours will be charged (based on the number of children being cared for) to the credit card listed on this form if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice. All agency fees are charged at the time on confirmation and are non-refundable. Medical Care: The family hereby understands that any sitter referred to them by Our Loving Arms is NOT in any manner allowed to provide medical care or administer any medications without proper authorization. If, in an emergency, the sitter is required to use techniques learned in CPR/FIRST AID, the family agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Sitter and Loving Arms from any and all claims that may arise from such care. If these efforts of care are unsuccessful and the parents are not able to be located the parents give consent for the sitter to contact emergency services (911). Exclusivity: The family understands that they do not reserve the right to use any sitter referred by Our Loving Arms on any exclusive or ongoing basis. This contract and registration fee is for the one time term of the times and dates stated on page one of this contract. If any family wishes to retain a sitter exclusively, a one-time hire away fee of $1500 will be due and payable prior to any commencement of services by the sitter. This family further agrees not to contact any referred sitter during their next visit to commence further babysitting activities without contacting Our Loving Arms and paying the appropriate fees. If Our Loving Arms becomes aware of any violation of this clause the family hereby authorizes an agent of Our Loving Arms to charge the listed credit card all fees due. Our Loving Arms makes no warranties as to the abilities or character of any sitter. Every reasonable effort has been made to properly screen all sitters. The client agrees that no liabilities will be held by Our Loving Arms and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Our Loving Arms now or in any future time arising from the acts or omissions of any sitter referred by Our Loving Arms. The client agrees that Our Loving Arms is a referral service only and is not a party to any agreement entered into between the client and the sitter.


  • Please contact our office at 941-677-8687 to give us your credit card information to complete your reservation. All agency fees will be charged to this card. Fees are listed above.

Thank you!



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